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                                        Home Business Guide Online

Thank goodness in that today we can look to the Internet in our search for a home business guide, whereas previously we could only rely on employers off line if we wanted to try something new and drum up new home business opportunities. Even on the Internet, though, the current worldwide credit situation has made it quite a challenge for working from home businesses. Websites rely on an influx of potential buyers on a regular basis to be able to remain competitive. It's one thing getting visitors to a site, but another thing in getting them to buy. We need to be very selective, then, when evaluating current home business trends.   


If you already have a home business and consider that a traffic boost of potential buyers is needed, then it may be wise to re-evaluate your existing business online. If you own a website or blog, for example, perhaps you should be trying to give your site a lift by considering re-designing your site, or make your site’s content a bit more appealing in an effort to attract more traffic. As you’ll know, the best website in the world is nothing without traffic, so perhaps re-assessing your site for it being SEO optimized to the best of your ability and attractive to visitors should be one of your first moves.  


                                           Internet Trends in 2013                                              


In trying to understand trends for 2013, let’s look at how the Internet has developed over the past 10 years. Not too long ago, we only had to learn the skills of link building and accumulate plenty of back links to get onto Google’s front page with our site. Then, through inside information from Google and from what our competitors were applying to their websites, we learned the importance of using keyword research to improve ranking in the search engines. At the same time, other search engines were born. Google now had strong competitors.  


In looking at trends for 2013, we know now that Google has challenges. Facebook and other social media sites are coming to the forefront. Facebook alone has grown into a giant, with over 1 billion active users worldwide. Bing, Yahoo and others have also got a strong foothold. Without a doubt, social networking is making the Internet highly personal. With this in mind, personality is going to make a huge impact on your home business. Facebook and Twitter, for example, are demonstrating people’s need for social interaction. Social media, then, demonstrates that there is no better way to promote yourself – and your business. 


After just a few years online, YouTube has reached over 3 billion views per day. This is explosive growth! Time to get onboard those Internet marketers who, up till now, have avoided using video as part of their online marketing strategy. Fear, perhaps, is the main reason for some people not getting in front of a camera. With so many easy ways online to create simple yet effective videos, though, there’s really no excuse in not making video part of your Internet marketing strategy. Just browse the Net, or visit places like the Warrior Forum and search for easy ways to jump onto the video creation band wagon.


Mobile phone marketing has become increasingly popular as a marketing medium. With the popularity of SMS (Short Message Service) and its rapid expansion throughout Europe and Asia, SMS is deemed a new way of reaching consumers. Although initially considered as a new form of spam, SMS has become an avid arm of the mobile phone marketing industry with over 400 million text messages sent out daily in the Philippines alone. Unlike the lack of control that is evident with email marketing, the Mobile Marketing Association and mobile network carriers police the networks by setting guide lines and best practices.


Gartner statistics published towards the end of last year indicated that global app store downloads were predicted to exceed 45 billion before the year's end. The Apple App Store was expected to have more than 21 billion downloads - an amazing increase of 74% more than in 2011.


Let's not forget Green business ideas. Consumers worldwide are consciously trying to lead responsible lives by becoming more aware of the damage to the environment caused by existing practices. There is, for example, growing concern as to where our food is coming from and what's being done to it. Because of this concern, there is an increasing number of people electing to grow their own food. One idea, for example, is to make garden packs of seeded plant trays available that would fit on the smallest balcony, thus allowing people to grow their own vegetables.


Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and video marketing, mobile marketing, the Green market, all clearly demonstrate hot Internet marketing trends and that there is no better way to promote your business than by using social media and video to connect with your audience.


Social networks are spreading rapidly. Pinterest, for example, is a newcomer on the social media scene and is the fastest independent site in history to reach 10 million unique visitors. Pinterest currently boasts some 12 million monthly unique visitors, has over 10 million registered users - and climbing.


These, then, are your guides to home business opportunities. 

 On Seeking a Home Business Connection

Are you seeking information on how to start an Internet based home business? Have you already a top home business in your mind but need help in getting started online? Hopefully, then, the ideas, suggestions and resources on Home Business Link will help to get you started finding a home business connection.

Thousands of people worldwide are deciding to do part-time or full time work online. Many of these people are attracted by the stories they have heard that there’s easy money to be made on the Internet and they see this scenario as one that will ease their money problems. Unfortunately, scams abound online and it will pay to do diligent research before you get involved to save wasting your time and money in many instances.


Regardless of what home business ideas for 2013 suggest to you and how much many online listings promise you, you should not have to pay for any opportunity offered. Reputable employers will pay you - not the other way around. Don’t be swayed, then, by promises of earning a lot of money for doing minimal work. Legitimate companies just don’t make wild money-making claims


                                    Checking a Company's Legitimacy

If you are uncertain about a company’s claim or have suspicions about certain home business ideas, there are places where you can check out a company's legitimacy. The ‘Better Business Bureau’, for example, is one resource where you can check whether a company has an unsatisfactory record with the Bureau. This resource allows you to key in a company’s name to check for complaints and unresolved issues. 


Scam.com is another useful resource. The Bulletin Board there keeps track of home business scams and users can post questions about scam related issues.

Home Internet Based Business

If you intend to start an Internet based home business or have what you consider to be a top home business already created, you should consider the following questions:

·  Are you an expert in the service you wish to offer? 

·  Do you have the skills and are you sufficiently trained to compete successfully with others online in the working from home arena? 

·  Are people seeking or needing your product or service? 

·  Is the product or service useful to others regardless of the economic situation? 

·  Are you genuinely interested in your product, or are you just trying to make some money?


Being committed to your product or service will keep you motivated and will help to keep you on track. Use this commitment to fully check out your opposition and find out what you have to do to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Having Your Own Home Business Domain

 If you feel ready to present your Internet based home business to the world, it’s important in your online presentation that you avoid using free website hosting and invest in having your own domain – like we have done at Home Business Link. Apart from the professionalism associated with having your own domain, you will have a much better chance of getting a search engine ranking and set yourself up for getting traffic flowing to your home business website. 

The Importance of Keyword Research

Appropriate keywords related to your perceived top home business opportunity website need to be used as they can help in getting targeted website traffic and in ranking your site in the search engines. When shopper’s online search for particular products, for example, the search engines will sort through millions of pages and display first those pages that are deemed relevant to a search. It’s important, then, to have your site highly placed if you want prospective buyers to find your website easily.


Keyword research is the heart of any campaign. Consider the following points, then, to help you do solid keyword research:


·       Choose the main keywords appropriate for your business site. These keywords will be those words your customers and competitors mainly use to search for your product or service. Include synonyms and associated phrases.  

·       Have your keywords associated with the content you write for your web pages.  

·       Assemble the most possible amount of key phrases. Retain those key phrases that will most likely attract a target audience.  

·       Include small or medium competitive keywords. The less competitive keywords used will make it easier to drive traffic to your site.  

·       Use a variety of keyword research tools. Some free keyword tools include: Goodkeywords.com, Google Adwords Tool, SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool.

Get Your Home Business Site Indexed

Don’t expect to create a successful, unique site quickly. It’s not difficult, but there are short-cuts to help you along the way. For example, getting your site indexed in the search engines is an important start. In using Google to do this, it can be easier if you have an xml site index builder such as XsitePro.

We used XsitePro to build Home Business Link, but if you don’t have XsitePro, you can make an xml file manually after creating a Google Webmaster’s account at:www.google.com/webmasters/start.


The next step is to create the xml file, which is Google’s recommended format. If your site is less than 500 pages, you can visit XML-Sitemaps and create an XML sitemap of your site for free.


Search engine keyword ranking takes time and effort, but is very worthwhile. A top listing in Google relates to huge traffic to your successful website, particularly targeted visitors. Bear this in mind when thinking of ways to present your home business ideas for 2013 to others. 



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